Yoga Therapy
in Boulder and New York City

Sometimes we ignore ourselves, and we ignore caring for ourselves, and after 6 months of cramming as much into the day as possible, we start to feel..... lousy.

A group or individual Yoga Therapy session will help alleviate stress, pain and anxiety.

Improving quality of life fitness

Hi, I'm Rebecca South, and I have been helping people of all ages gain Strength, flexibility, and improve quality of life fitness for over 20 years. 


Client Testimonial

"Thank you for being you - so patient, attentive and kind... You have helped me so much, made me stronger, and relieved so much of the joint and bone pain I had when we began. You also fixed my neck yesterday and I slept so well last evening. Thank you!”

Marie J.


Client Testimonial

"Rebecca is a skilled and creative yoga teacher, as evidenced by her seamless transitions. She conducts her class with kindness, humility, and great attention to her students’ needs. Her sense of humor, encouraging attitude, and caring nature ensures that you will leave class feeling better than when you walked in."

Alex A.



The movement, exercises, and companionship that will share will strengthen and improve your quality of life. Together, we will find everyday movements that will help you get stronger. 


If you struggle with any of the following, I can help.

  • Hold a child without getting back or shoulder pain
  • Develop core strength and core stability
  • Sit at a desk without pain
  • Learn how to quickly rinse your mind of your life's stresses
  • Get in and out of the car
  • Rise off the floor
  • Open doors
  • Walk up and down stairs
  • Do 50 pushups and deadlift 405lbs (Just kidding - go to Crossfit for that)